Editorship, Route 57 issue 12


For 2016 I was an Editor for a fantastic creative writing magazine, Route 57. As part of the Faculty of English for University of Sheffield, I worked with a team of students and staff Editor, Dr Matthew Cheeseman to edit, launch and sell the magazine – all 400 copies.

After the long process of proofing and getting the magazine ready to roll off the presses, the key goal was sales. As its second year in print, 2016 was a crucial year for Route 57. This would be the year that the team proved its financial sustainability. Our sales would directly affect the future of the journal as a printed publication.

I wrote copy for the crowdfunding page, direct mail to our existing customers and updated the magazine’s twitter feed. As a team we sold the magazines to local bookshops, chains and national galleries and museums.

To get the word out we organised two events. One for the contributors, to recruit their services in advertising to friends and family. And the second event – the main launch. We provided food and wine and for both occasions and I socialised with contributors and organised readings for the audience. I also pitched the journal to the audience, citing its importance to the city and Sheffield’s literary scene.

We started the process in January and by May we had reached our £2,500 target and this continued to rise to 102% our initial target. The experience was a taste of marketing in an arts environment and the challenge gave me a new set of skills and confidence in meeting with clients and fund raising.



Any thoughts?

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